Sunday, 5 April 2015

The new & improved Stank Room

Such an unfortunate nickname. But you all know it can never be called anything else!
We have spent the last couple of months making over the two guest rooms in our humble home and, while we still have a few things to do to finish up the small room, the Stank Room is complete!

Tim & I decided that the best idea for us would be to divide and conquer....working on both rooms together, but each having an assigned room to design and style. A necessary step to prevent our usual bickering. So...did it work? Did we argue about every choice in each room? OF COURSE WE DID.

Tim chose the Stank Room and wanted to make this space a mix of moody colour, Scandinavian touches and a modern feel.

Let's start with some old photos of the room to jog your memory.

View of the Stank Room during our initial walk through before purchase

& that disgusting air con

We previously removed the window air con and shoved a spare queen bed into the space for visitors - it looked like this for the last 12 months.

That disgustingly stained carpet and broken fan really added a bit of flair, don't you think?

I cannot describe to you how excited we were to rip up the old carpets and skirting. Full of 20 years worth of dust and old people was absolutely awesome to see the subfloor in perfect condition and ready for our new laminate to be installed. We chose to continue the Quickstep Midnight Oak Brown flooring through to the guest rooms as we love how it has performed through the rest of the house.

We did have to get a little creative and cut the bottom of the doorways to allow the boards to slide underneath. It was also a bit of a jigsaw puzzle to install the laminate through the toilet/bathroom/small bedroom alcove. Definitely used all of my brain power that day!

We made the executive decision to remove the front of the old builtin wardrobe opposite the bed....and by 'executive decision' I mean that we ripped it all out on a whim, I said to Tim "Maybe we should put it back?", Tim said " so I broke some of it...", then we both decided to act like we meant to do it all along. Nice. 

All the while being supervised by the Pug and Phee Phee just outside the window.....

I honestly believe we obtained the most in-depth knowledge of every bed that can be purchased on the Gold Coast during our hunt for the perfect piece for this room. We visited Freedom, Super A-Mart, Domayne, Harvey Norman, countless obscure side-of-the-road outlets and, of course, trusty IKEA. I always refer to IKEA as the place where relationships go to die...I wonder why? 
Tim FINALLY gave in after about 2 hours and choose the Stockholm Queen Bed and I dutifully headed towards the special order section to purchase it. "I would like the Stockholm but no leather cushions please"; "No leather cushions? But they belong with the bed."; "How much are they?"; "Oh wow they are $450 for two"

So now for the reveal!

The mirror above the bed is also from the Stockholm collection at IKEA; bed linen is Dwell from Spotlight and cushion is from the ANZAC line at Target. Grey pot is Masters (with an elephant ear plant from our garden). We framed out the wardrobe with tasmanian oak, linking in the alcoves in the kitchen. Chest in the robe is one of our previous projects

We do have to lengthen the Spotlight curtains as they are too short now that we have mounted the curtain rod higher. I could've photoshopped them longer, but I respect you too much...and I have no idea how to use photoshop. So let's pretend you didn't notice and look at this cute pic of Phee instead. 

I will update the Source List shortly after I post up the smaller guest room reveal (hopefully next week!)