Monday, 12 January 2015

Let me share with you a story....

This is the tale of the great Fishtank Flood of 2014.

Picture it, our new floors and gleaming kitchen sitting happily minding its own business, reveling in its beauty, when suddenly a tiny hose on Tim’s 4ft aquarium decides that it really doesn't want a close relationship with the CO2 system anymore; - and cries its lukewarm, fish filled tears all over our floors.

DISASTER. Or so we thought.

Luckily I had just said goodbye to a sleeping Tim and begun my journey to the car to leave for work, and noticed the approximate 120L of water on our floors. As the cupboard under the tank sits flush with the floors, a newly wakened Tim started to empty the fish tank so we could move it out and mop up the river underneath and behind. Never has a fish tank pack down happened so quickly (or so calmly on my part I might add….apart from when I may have yelled ‘I don’t give a (naughty word) about your fish right now!!!’. Poor Tim)

My new hairdryer definitely got a workout drying the joins between all of the laminate boards.

The non-disaster news is that our quick clean-up, floor drying and sheer luck that our house is raised and not on a slab, resulted in no damage to the floor that we can see. We may have to replace one tiny part of a plinth (kickboard) next to the fridge and Tim’s tank stand is ruined :( The tank itself is okay and the fish and plants are happily swimming in makeshift tub tanks in our garage.. *PHEW*

You can see the fish tank cabinet here in a reeeeally old photo 

Onto the air conditioner pics! (nice segue there Jess, so seamless!)

I promised you all pictures of our installed air-cons and here they are. Scroll down for photos if you can’t be bothered listening to me waffle about their performance so far.

I am happy to report the large air-con in the loungeroom does actually cool down the guest bedrooms. Tim had a terrible cold and I vacated to the small spare room for a night or two to avoid the germ-fest that was partying on in our room. We let the air-con cool down the main areas then opened up the door to the bedroom and presto, it worked! So happy!!

We have been incredibly lazy and haven’t set up the WiFi mode as yet (I am beyond ashamed to tell you this). However all reviews online say that, while the app can be a bit glitchy, all in all it works quite well. I can’t wait to turn off the air-con when Tim’s home and I’m out. Just for sh*ts & gigs of course.

The loungeroom with new air con. Ignore the poor sad plants, 
I am a horrible plant parent and I am very ashamed. 

 Oh look, another sad plant....and our bedroom aircon (how cute is the misspelled sign! Tim made it for me when we first started dating. He is totally adorable even if he can't spell <3

& a sneak peek of the new entranceway mirror - the Stolkholm from IKEA. Tim has been lusting after this for almost a year but all of the Australian stores went out of stock. I happened to check IKEA web site just before Christmas and it had reappeared! So in love!

In other news, I have torn a ligament in my ankle - my first exercise injury...that makes me an athlete doesn't it?? - but I still have plans to enter the 12 week transformation challenge at my Goodlife Gym which starts in approximately 4 weeks.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that not very long ago I was the unfittest person - the thought of taking the stairs at work made me want to find solace in some sort of frothy, whipped cream concoction from Starbucks.

13 weeks ago that changed when I bit the bullet and joined a gym and found my absolute favourite new person - Sharyn from Associated Fitness Solutions. A typical conversation between us goes something like this: "Ok I want 20 lunges", "I hate lunges", "And Iiiii don't care!", "Fair enough" *lunges*

So be prepared for maybe a couple of non-house related posts (I promise to keep them short and sweet!) where I waffle at you about my growing muscles and mourning the loss of ice-cream.

Till next time x

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  1. Hello Jess!
    I found you via House*Tweaking and love what you've started in your home. Can't wait to see what's next!
    Love from the US!