Friday, 15 August 2014

Came in like a wrecking ball...

Don't tell me I didn't get that song in your head.

Apologies for the late entry, it has been such a huge week and Tim forgot the camera last weekend so I only had crappy photos and blahblahexcusesblah.

Last weekend Tim & I got a huge amount of things done, which is surprising considering we spent 80% of our time bickering and generally calling each other names. Ahh young love, there's nothing like it <3

When I last left you, we had just finished removing the old tiles and laminate and were looking forward to sanding back the floors. Not. Well, I have to say my little belt sander and I have developed an affectionate relationship not unlike what I imagine a small toddler and parent enjoy - In the sense that every time I forgot to hold onto it tightly, it took off and ran into a wall repeatedly (and this is why I am not a parent. Also children are sticky. All the time. For no reason. It's just not right.)

I'd waffle more at you but we all know nobody cares and you're just here for the pictures.

My new toddler

Hands off, he's mine

The kitchen mid demolition

Old kitchen

Kitchen wall minus kitchen cupboards. This is the wall we demolished

Tim removed all of the cornice to assist in not damaging the roof during wall removal


Most satisfying moment, when the big sheet of plasterboard just came off this wall in one piece

Still mine

The gigantic pile of rubbish we had to take to the tip. 3 ute loads!

The view from the front door. That wall where the stool is will be continued out to create the new back wall of kitchen

Where the new island bench will sit.

View from study

Bonus sunset pic from our driveway

The plumber has also been to move the water taps and waste for the new sink across to the new island bench spot. I love our plumber. He is Scottish and sometimes I just nod and smile and hope to god I don't end up with a spa bath in the kitchen.

Earlier tonight we finalised the cupboard heights and started assembling the kitchen cupboards. This will be my job tomorrow while Tim and his brother will be building the new wall frame. We also have to collect our new flooring and remove some old plasterboard to allow patching and painting to happen next weekend.

On another note, meet Mildred the fiddle leaf fig. Ficus Lyrata (fiddle leaf figs) are ridiculously difficult to get in Australia. However Bunnings of all places has started to stock the occasional one. Cue me telling Tim to guard the trolley with his life while I bail the poor unsuspecting horticulturist up and demand to know where I can get more Mildreds. It was clearly a reasonable response to finding a plant.
I have to get out more.

Also, our Sunroom light arrived at Beacon and I got to go pick it up :) Ours is the matt black version

Until next time! x

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