Sunday, 24 August 2014

So this weekend we got plastered

LOL. I'm hilarious.

But seriously, I missed you guys! I didn't have time to write a post on last weekend's endeavours and I'm sure you were all wondering what we did and how it ended up (because everyone reads my blog...duh!).

We spent last weekend building the new back and side walls of the kitchen (Tim & Mike), and constructing a bazillion Ikea cupboards and drawers (lucky me). Please don't mistake us for building experts, we have exactly no idea what we are doing. There is a lot of googling before we start; panicked youtube watching halfway through, and forth-guessing ourselves once we finish. I am so SO proud of Tim for tackling every step of this project the same way a slightly educated Golden Retriever would. I love him, even if he drools.

Pictures, yay!

Ikea building station i.e. my prison for 2 days

Remember the hole we uncovered under the old fridge space? It falls under the dishwasher spot in the new island bench and needed to be repaired. We purchased a sheet of yellow tongue particle board and Tim tackled the precarious job of cutting out the rotten piece of flooring and replacing it...while dangling almost 2 metres in the air above the storage area under the house.

Peek a boo!

All fixed! You can see the re-routed pipes for the new sink poking up through the floor. Fridge is in approximate spot however is sitting a bit wonky - don't judge me :(

End of last weekend, phew!

Onto this week's endeavours! Our lovely electrician Jimmy from Jimelectric came out during the week and removed our horrible globe lights in the lounge/kitchen/hall/study and replaced them with awesome flush white downlights. I can actually see our house!

We also trading in our crappy fans that were covered in old people dust for a gorgeous, simple new Hunter Pacific Intercept ceiling fan. We will be installing matt black versions in the bedrooms a bit later on, along with the downlights. 

Ahem, ignore the patches and the mess and concentrate on those sexy, sexy lights waiting to be popped up into the ceiling once painting has finished. This is the view down the newly extended hallway towards the separate study.

Timmy the plasterer. Yeah, he totally knows what he's doing.

The study - back wall of kitchen. This will eventually be covered in floor-to-roof white cupboards that will become our new linen closet

Again with the sexy lights!!!

Waiting for the plaster to dry so we can sand and put on another coat

Keeping in mind what I said (or wrote?) earlier, we pretty much figured out how to patch and plaster as we went. We used two different types of readymade joint compound when it became apparent the 6L container we knicked from Tim's mum (sorry Ellen!! & thanks!!) was NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH to plaster our walls & ceiling. We found the Gyprock brand to be quite thick, however once watered down a teenytiny bit, it was the perfect consistency and went on super smoothly. 

To patch the old ceiling light and old fan switch holes, we purchased metal patches from the plastering section at Bunnings and basically followed the instructions. Once it became VERY apparent I suck at plastering (I have many talents, but apparently this isn't one of them), Tim took over feathering these patches into the wall and once painted you shouldn't be able to tell they were ever there. So of course I will point them all out to you if you come visit. 

NEW FLOORBOARDS. You're welcome. 

Best moment of the past week - conquering the Rangehood cabinet construction with only minor jigsaw related terror 
Not so great moment of the past week - Realising that even with a stepladder that my perfect boyfriend purchased for me, I still have to stand on my tiptoes to reach our standard 243cm ceiling #midgetlyf 

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