Tuesday, 2 September 2014

You can have any colour you'd like, as long as it's white.

One thing I have discovered about living with a graphic designer, the only acceptable colours are white, matt black and grey. Such a variety! 

Obviously when it came time to pick a paint colour for our house, I was overwhelmed with options. 

6 months ago when we moved into this house we umm-ed and ahh-ed over paint chips, tried out a few sample pots on the loungeroom and selected Dulux White on White. It was awesome; until we finished  painting and realised it was exactly the same old granny-blue white we already had in the house. *sigh*

Fast forward less than 30 seconds and Tim decided he didn't like it. I'd like to say I was shocked....but I'm not. We (read: Tim) decided to embrace the kitchen reno as an opportunity to repaint the house - beginning with the kitchen/lounge/hall/study and finally, after all of that is done, start on the bedrooms. 

So this weekend we moved onto the painting stage of the project. 



Now don't get me wrong, I am one of those weird people who thoroughly enjoy painting for a little while. I don't enjoy getting blisters on my hands from painting multiple coats on trim around a bazillion doors and windows. 
(I also don't enjoy it when Tim says 'uh-oh' while painting next to my trim...cue re-painting yet AGAIN)

& don't even get me started on painting the ceiling

The colour we have chosen this time around is Dulux Vivid White - literally base white paint with absolutely no tint. Our ceilings were previously a darker creamy white, with a distinct shade of crappy brown...so we painted them Taubman's Flat White Ceiling Paint which is slightly warmer than the new wall paint. 

Ready for painting. Looks pretty white already but don't let that fool you

The new hall wall. My boyfriend is amazing. 

New ceiling paint going on

Garage door and front door alcove

I never realised that our internal doors and trim were FRIGGIN YELLOW. So of course I had to add all of the trim to my trim-fest. 

Look at the trim. Look at it. Appreciate it. Love it. It's amazing. 
Of course we still have to pull off all the doors and repaint them - once we decide on a colour (white, slightly grey white or slightly even more grey white???)

Tim painting like a boss

New paint in the study vs old paint

Phee cameo! Unfortunately she was no help painting. 

We also painted the doors of our linen closet to match the walls

All done!

The bathroom/WC/small guest room alcove. Sooo many yellow doors!!!! 

I cannot wait for my holidays to start next week so I can tackle all of the internal doors and new skirting boards...

Next weekend we will be installing the kitchen cupboards and starting to lay the laminate flooring, wish us luck!!!

J xox

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