Sunday, 14 September 2014

From the Windoooow to the Wall!

Again I am late in posting! Geez, get it together Jessica.

In most important news, I am on holidays from work, hooray! So that means I get to install flooring all day long. YAY! (said with great enthusiasm of course).

 In actual fact we finished the flooring yesterday - well, finished it up to the bedrooms. After this kitchen reno is all done and dusted we will be starting on each bedroom; giving them complete overhauls with new flooring, paint, lights, switches, skirting and decor. Ahh the neverending cycle that will haunt my existence.

I can see why some people get hugely addicted to renovating - why they drive their friends batty with constant chatter comparing the differences between low-sheen and semi-gloss paint, and why installing trim is worse than world hunger (#firstworldproblems)....not that I do any of, of course not.....WHATEVER GUYS you have to love me anyway!!
It is so satisfying to see progress, and to know that I had a part in it all happening.

Gosh I can't even remember where I was going with this post!

Oh yes, the kitchen install itself. It was horrific.

Imagine me - a short, whingy, weak ranga/t-rex combo who has been instructed to hold a fabricated fridge cabinet above my head for approximately a gazillion minutes while Tim hunts around for a screw that he should have really already found before I became the world's most red-faced cupboard-holder. Yeah. So that basically sums up my week, how about yours?

Tim under a cupboard swearing at drawers

Preparing for the install

Our personal Ikea Consultant supervising the installation

The aforementioned over fridge cupboard. Unfortunately Ikea don't make a cupboard the exact size we needed, so a bit of creative construction was required

Tim on a ladder. Noice.

Our creative method for installing the above fridge cupboard; which happens to be half the depth of the pantry next to it

Pantry in! 

After a lot of YouTubing and Googling, we decided to use a rail mounted level on the wall to sit the rear of the cupboards on, leaving only the front legs to be adjusted to align all the cabinets. Sounds super simple doesn't it? Yeah, it was a totally shit job. But probably less shit than having to adjust 4 legs per cupboard so...winning?

We used a temporary rail to hang the upper cupboards

Majority of kitchen in, minus Oven cupboard

As you can see in the pic above, the cooktop will go in the middle against the wall, the sink and dishwasher are located in the island bench. 

Row row row your boat Timothy!

Ahh the oven cupboard. Never in the history of the world has a flat-packed piece of shit ever come so close to ruining a relationship and causing a electric-screwdriver-related murder. The lovely lady at Ikea said "Of course your oven and microwave will fit in here, along with 2 handy drawers and a shelf up top and even a little filler panel to make it all seamless.


However in the interest of making sure you are suitably impressed with our oven cupboard and our kitchen in general; and you know, continue to think we are amazing renovators and everything is effortless and sunshine comes out of our butts; I am not going to divulge the issues we faced with this uh....beautifully constructed....cupboard. Let's just say it finally works. Hooray!!!

Sexy, smexy Fisher & Paykel extra tall Oven & Ikea NUTID MWC6 Convection Microwave Oven

YAY It's in!!!

Today the lovely rep from Regency Stone will be visiting to measure up our bench tops and order our gorgeous Caesarstone 20mm bench tops in 4003 Sleek Concrete - a textured grey with awesome white/black minuscule flecks. Photo below is from the Caesarstone web site

Sooo delicious

I promise, I promise, I will post the details of the new floors hopefully today as well for you :)

Thanks for reading! I love hearing you all say how much you enjoy my blog. Sometimes I feel a bit silly writing this, and that no one really wants to listen to me waffle about our reno; it means a lot to me that you all visit! Please do leave me a comment or two if you would like - questions/criticisms all welcome (ok I lied, not criticisms LOL)

Until next time xox

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