Monday, 6 October 2014

Kitchen Reveal!

BAM. It's done!!

I was going to do a post on the splashback tiling; but....who cares! A post for another day. Let's get into it.

Remember this?? Well.......

Soooo happy!!!! 

I am so excited and proud of Tim and his meticulous hard work for the whole of this project. I would be lost without him :) Renovating is truly addictive when you see your hard work finally come together and you love everything about it. 

Ignore the missing floor and skirting in the hall - that's the next project STOPJUDGINGMEDAMMIT

*happy dance* Look at those appliances, that amazing marble splashback, the cute little clock, the very touchable benchtop. You love it; it's okay you can tell me, we're all friends here. 

Detail shots you ask? OF COURSE. 

Clipsal Saturn lightswitch

Clipsal Saturn powerpoint that controls the cooktop and is mounted on the splashback

Our stainless steel tap with pull out vegetable washer. Possibly Tim's favourite thing ever

We elected to have drain grooves cut into the benchtop, best idea ever

One of my favourite things in here, our techtonite Franke sink that is surprisingly hardy and holds a TON of water

Hmmm wonder what is in here...

Ta-Da! Hello my little friend. How I have missed you for 8 have no idea!

Our massive-ass 80cm cutlery drawer....

The splashback! Tim originally had reservations about Carrara Marble but has bowed down to my obviously awesome style in the wake of finishing this #totallytakingcredit

Oh and the Tasmanian Oak trim under cupboards & on the archways was also my idea. You're welcome. 

& that Hahnii mother in laws tongue in the dice planter is totally mine as well. Just sayin. 

We bought this clock in Byron Bay on our 5 year anniversary mini-break so I'm very happy it has found a new home in a room we created together

We also FINALLY put our lounge room back together (no more dinner in bed while watching The Block!). We maintained the previous layout for now; using the rug and chair placement to create a separate, designated space. 


No, no, don't cry little readers, this is the not the end of our beautiful relationship. Next post I will tell you all about how two useless non-tilers managed to not screw up our splashback....and then maybe in 2 or 3 weeks, after I have enjoyed sleeping in past 6am and actually wearing normal clothing, we will be back and ready to tackle the first of our guestrooms - the amazing Stank Room

Thanks for coming on this journey with us so far! 

Jess xoxox


  1. Beautiful!
    I love the baby deer as wall art. Is it possible to know where it is from?

  2. Thank you for your kind words! The deer art is from one of my absolute favourite artists on etsy, SlaviART

  3. Your kitchen looks great! I'm thinking about doing something similar with the new Ikea metod kitchen and sleek concrete caesarstone. How do you find the sleek concrete caesarstone? Does the matte finish have any issues with marks/stains?