Tuesday, 16 December 2014

It's getting hot in here..

First of all I am a terrible, horrible, despicable person. I abandoned you all for longer than I intended :( But I am back!!! YAY!

It has been crazy hectic here; we have had a few visitors staying, some awesome christmas parties and a lot of staring-at-our-new-kitchen-till-it-gets-uncomfortable. I promise to never leave you all again.

I realise I still owe you a post on tiling our splashback, and I will get to that when I find what I did with all the pics (whoops); but today I would like to take a moment and talk to you about the weather. It's hot...like SUPER hot. About 39 degrees (or about 103F for my new lovely US readers) and a billion percent humidity.

Apart from the rank window rattlers that were already here when we purchased the house - see this post for mind-searing images and details of their removal - our new home was devoid of any air-conditioning. I feel like I could've manned up, drunk my glass of concrete and dealt with it, except our house likes to think of itself as the 9th circle of hell and heat up to absolutely ridiculous temperatures. This is probably attributed to the sunroom and one wall of our bedroom being all windows and the fact that we are on the top of a hill with no shade.

So a few weeks ago we bit the bullet and ordered two new members of the family that both look like this:

 Samsung SmartII 3.5kw

The small 3.5kW will be installed in our master bedroom, with the 7.0kW installed in the loungeroom above the current TV position. We are hopeful that the big one will go some ways towards cooling the two spare bedrooms (which will also have fans once renovated) for guests. 

We chose these aircons as they were a little bit cheaper than the other and (wait for it!) they connect to the wifi. Yes you heard right...TO THE WIFI. I never have to get out of bed to turn it on again! I can turn it on before I get home! Who knew these existed and didn't tell me?!!!! 

After a bit of a wait and a few frustrating stuff ups on behalf of the supplier we finally received our aircons and they are right this minute being installed by the awesome guys at Airbay. So stay tuned for pics!

On another note Tim & I am SO incredibly honoured that one of our favourite blogs - House*Tweaking - has done a full feature post on our kitchen renovation - check it out here

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