Sunday, 9 March 2014

Accidentally On Purpose...

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So we accidentally bought a house. Yep.... I  said accidentally. It all started on one very hot, very boring weekend during which Tim & I decided to forgo the ice cold air-conditioning at our rented house and head out to look at new housing estates. See, we always had a plan to build or buy at the end of 2014/start of 2015. We thought we would wander around, whinge about how everything is perfect and not at all within our budget... the usual things people do at display centres; and we did that - we got bored - we decided to visit open houses to see what was on the market.

Enter this guy:

What happened next was a combination of isthatasunroomgetoutofmyhouseyoufilthybeggarsthisoneisours! & the gut wrenching, knee shaking trepidation that comes with finding the perfect house at the not-ideal time.

One expression of interest later and we were being taken for a second private inspection that same afternoon by none other than the real estate agent who would become known as the most arrogant wanker we have ever met.

Turns out this house was being sold as the previous owners had some health issues and were moving to a retirement village not too far away. The house was built in 1994 and they had owned it since 1996. I can safely say they owned more furniture than they could ever need  and it was initially hard for us to visualise this house with anything resembling our style. It needs some adjustments to make it more 'us' but the process is something we are looking forward to immensely (as in i may clap like an over enthused seal everytime I see an IKEA store...but hey...that's normal right??)

So fast forward through the absolutely most stressful 30 days of our lives, throw in a hasty drain repair, some apologetic pleading to our rental property manager and we are now the proud owners of our first home together.

Welcome to number 36!!! (please excuse the previous owner's furniture....those pelmets! that flooring! Am I having a nightmare?)

The entranceway into lounge

Kitchen...can anyone say 90s?
Study off kitchen/master

Master walkthru robe & ensuite...that window opens into the sunroom!


Dining room, looking from sunroom back towards front of house

Sunroom, door on left goes into study/kitchen

Sunroom looking back into original dining room

Back deck

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