Sunday, 9 March 2014

My hell.... gardening stage 2

So here we are, at the weekend again and what does it bring? Gardening! Yayyy.....ok I can't even fake that enthusiasm; but at least today we got to actually put in some plants!

Tim & my lil bro in law Michael used sleepers to build planter boxes in that previously discussed crackerdust area and also down the side of the driveway.

Firstly let's look at the new garden bed at bottom of driveway (& in front of our new fence!)
The plants at the back are Cordyline Rubras from a nursery at Mudgeeraba for $11 each and I feel something akin to love for them. The yuccas in front are 'thrifted' from Tim's nanna and his mum's place (thank ladies). The Xanadu plants came from one big Xanadu plant from the other side of the garden which ended up splitting into a ton of plants. We are still deciding what to put in the front, maybe mondo grass?

The side garden you can kinda see in the above pic runs all along the driveway. We have planted a Port Wine Magnolia in that far corner and placed yuccas and Xanadus along the side garden bed to flank the driveway. 

We have a small rock garden on the opposite side of the driveway at the front of the property. It had a horrible little retaining wall so we put those boulders we dug out of the other garden to good use and replanted the garden. Still heaps to go (like pulling out all the ferns and the flowering plants) but it's a very good start

Garden before

& Garden after

They also used to park their caravan just on the left of this pic, between the rock retaining wall and the house. It was a dirt area with random pavers however it now leads to the other gate into the backyard on our new fence. As we don't have a caravan we have decided to grass this area. 

The next area to tackle will be the old steps leading to the gate next to the new garden bed. Tim & Mike ripped out the old mismatched pavers and we will be putting in two long grassed steps.

And lastly I will leave you with a few pics of some new pots/plants we've accumulated since moving in. 

Wilfred #2 - Peace Lily in Ikea pot with Ikea wheeled plant stand living next to the TV in the loungeroom

A new pot for the front door. A lillypilly just chilling in there for now while he waits for his new home in the backyard. No ideas what plant we might put in here yet.

& finally my Mother In Laws Tongue plant was a bit sad after spending 4 years in a tiny pot so slightly upgraded into a $4 matt grey dice-looking pot in the loungeroom

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