Sunday, 9 March 2014


I took a week off for the big move with the thought that I would unpack and spend some quality time on the lounge with good tv shows and just get to know the new place.


Tim is a slave driver! We pained the entire L shaped living area, hall, kitchen and baseboards 2 days after we moved in. We chose the colour Dulux White-On-White which has a soft grey-blue undertone after a long debate at Bunnings. It also just happened to be exact same colour that was already on the walls (good work team); but obviously not covered in filth and weird yellow marks.

The room already feels fresher; especially after Tim removed the old air-conditioners from the sash windows (I supervised of course), & with the addition of our furniture.

We have started painting the window trims a bright white and will remove all of the ceiling fans and dome lights down the track (at which point we will also repaint the ceilings)

We have some big plans for artworks and a frame wall near the entranceway. Oh yeah and we might repaint when we install the new kitchen because the new colour apparently throws too much blue. The joys of living with a graphic designer!!!!!

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