Sunday, 9 March 2014

Our first big project plan

A few things niggled at us when we first viewed the property; the main being the kitchen. It is an older kitchen and full of standard laminate drawers with plastic pulls. There is an empty space under the bench which I can only assume is for a dishwasher and the existing cupboards are not useful or space efficient. However the main issue we have with the space is that you walk in the front door and face a wall which is the back of the kitchen.

I don't know about you but we treat our kitchen as the hub of the home - the place where Tim yells at me to stop cutting things up because I scare him; where I catch Tim drinking straight out of the water bottle ALL the time; where we have the majority of our arguments - so we'd like a social kitchen. This kitchen acte ually faces toward the back of the house, with the breakfast bar opening into the weird little study area and a straight shot to our bedroom door. 

So....we plan to flip the kitchen and make the current island into a solid wall and knock through the wall to open the kitchen into the loungeroom. We have already had a builder check that no internal walls in our home are load bearing and good news, none of the interior walls are :)

As the hall wall is the side of the kitchen we are toying with the idea to keep a blank wall at the end of the new galley kitchen to maintain that hallway between the loungeroom and the um.....bathroom area?

Still in the very baby stages with this project but it will be the first large project we complete in this house (bathoom renovations being the second). 

At the same time we will be replacing the flooring. At present it is a mix of HORRIBLY stained carpet, cheap yellow clickclack flooring and black vinyl sheeting stuck over white greasy tiles....charming. We are looking at an Oak simulation laminate clickclack and diying it. Can't be that hard...right??

We will also be installing huge floor to ceiling cupboards in the back of the new kitchen wall in study are (in preparation for removing the linen closet in our bathroom plans later on down the track) & having all of the horrible old fans and lights taken out and replaced.

We are still doing a ton of little bits and pieces while we save for this project so stay tuned!

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