Sunday, 9 March 2014

Don't look at this while eating (aka let me introduce you to the Stank Room)

So we have 3 bedrooms in our new place and one of these bedrooms is known as the Stank Room. Yes, you read that right, the Stank Room.

Our biggest guest room was used previously as an office for the elderly gentleman who used to own our house...and apparently he lacked the ability to hold his coffee cup because the entire floor under the window is covered in horrible stains. The room also had a particular aroma, a mix of mothballs, mould and god knows what else.

So in an attempt to make this room bearable, we set out to remove the old air conditioner out of the window and get some fresh air all up in this. So please put down that sandwich and make sure you are ready for this...

Are you ready? Don't say I didn't warn you..

eww. just eww. I think it was 1996 the last time this air-conditioner was cleaned. It literally fell apart in rust chunks when we pulled it out. & this thing was solidly built in. I'm talking cement sheeting, wood blocks, screws, caulk and sheer willpower.

Ahh sooo much better! 

So the Stank Room is still a bit stuffy, and it still needs some desperate attention with new flooring, fresh paint and a new queen bed, but it's one step in the right direction

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